5D 7D 9D 12D Cinema


1.Stereoscopic play 5D Theater system


2.Vibration seats system


3.Loudspeaker system


4.Special effect control system


5.Central computer control 5D Theater system


Specifications: 5D cinema instruction

Know the 5D Cinema First

5D Cinema movie, is known as five-dimensional movie, it is developed from 4D movie, put more sensation in 3D movie.

Now our engineer will throw you into a whole new world, the latest technology: 5D movie. Wear 3D glasses and as the seat move to 6 DOFs set & control LED by computer, you will catch the exciting feeling of storm, lighting, rain, spray mist, lapping legs, bubble, snow at the same time. And seat will make the change to different gesture across to story of the 5D movie goes on.

You will have whole new feeling of visual sensation, hearing sensation, tactile sensation, olfactory sensation and liveness motion sensation.



  1. Seat system : since it is developed with 6DOF design, it can provide a dynamic effect with 12 directions, 36 combination and 72 motions.
  2. Interactive Shooting system : the infrared ray transmission is between screen and guns, gun shooting are more accurate, actual and exciting.
  3. Special effect system : it include many effect equipment, such as raining machine, snow machine, fog machine and wind machine.


Product Advantages

1) Dreaming space 5D,7D,8D,12D interactive cinema.


2) 8D interactive cinema is a innovative cinema that combine with high-tech with 3-demensional animation, sensory effects, dynamic simulation and man-machine interaction.


3) The use of advanced infrared sensor technology to track, pick up infrared gun to participate in interactive games!


4) Multiple users at the same time fighting the same screen promotion, share real-time battle score, three-dimensional picture with stereo surround sound, creating an immersive gaming experience.


5) 6 DOF precise Motion commands perform any precise, responsive and accurate!


6) Dozens of 8D movie resources for you to choose from.